Technical Difficulties please stand by

Hello my dear followers.

As the image states Technical difficulties Please stand by - Im the technical difficulty, the last few weeks were rough and I have decided to reach out to get therapy to help me deal with my depression, OCD, anxiety and other problems.

Its getting better, i even started drawing again in the recent day. Don't fear, you will get an updated sometime soon. 

Please be patient with me.



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Take care and hope everything goes well!

yes, take your time. you will back when you are better with you, we waiting you. just don't forget this : you make a great work so don't forget us.

I'm working on the vn art, just slowly, prioritising my mental health, but also learning stuff about art and  style

Don't worry you do it in your tempo. We kan wait

Stay calm and take your time. You made the right thing!

Don't worry. We're with you.:)

Just do what you gotta do. We'll wait as long as we need to. Best of luck in getting through it.


Don't worry, take your time :-)