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LoS is a Science fiction Space opera that included exploration and romance.

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In this story you put yourself in the shoes of Jonathan Hope, The first human ambassador and representative on Aeora, the homeworld of the Deara'kir Imperium. Something nobody would have even dreamed about a decade ago.  Not you. Yet here you are. Called by many The Best and Brightest of what humanity has to offer. Maybe until recently, you could have agreed to a degree, but right now? With a severe depression and highly medicated.

Trying to build a new home among the stars, a thousand light-years from Earth, surrounded by aliens who are overly eager to meet you, some will support you, others will treat you like a hero, while others will think you are no more than a bald space monkey from a backwater planet.

This is a tri-story of epic proportions. Where One murder will lead to reveal a huge planetary conspiracy. Once entry in a ancient data pad to the finding of forgotten gateways into the unknown. One broken mug to the discovery of a long lost spaceship. 

All this with shadows and dangers hiding in the corners. 



This game contains themes of adult homosexual nature.


The story, code, and sprites are done by me!

All music has corresponding credits within the game.

Special thanks for Hyao, Sylos and Colby for always encouraging me to keep working and pursuing my dreams when I'm down. 

Hyao is the creator of the incredibly successful adult themed RPG Lustful Desires.

Lustful Desires by Hyao

Sylos is the creator or the wonderful VN Lost Memories.

Lost Memories by Sylos

I’m sure everyone on itch.io has already heard of both of those games and I recommend you play them if you haven’t already! 


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LayersofStardust-0.18-pc.zip 227 MB

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Hey !
I love your art and your writing about the main character's feelings.

I had really good time playing it ;-)

Can't wait to test the next update, good luck for the rush ^^

Just recently stumbled across this project, and I'm really enjoying what you've written so far!  It's honestly very refreshing to have a MC that's so capable and self-assured (emotional turmoil aside, I suppose) - makes the setting/premise all the more believable.  Definitely eager to check out next month's update; keep it up!


I love Layers of Stardust.

Keep up the good work and im looking forward to the next update.

Hey, your Patreon suggests this game is still in development and well, the last update here wasn't long ago. If that were the case I should finally write something and perhaps even join your Patreon. Honestly, I would give Layers of Stardust a perfect 5/5, it is very likely in my top 5. 

Everything from the artwork to the story, characters, and music is simply outstanding. The setting has been established, the most important characters are introduced, I presume, and the introduction is finished. I'm very thrilled for what is to come, because the greatest book series I read is also science-fiction. You might not have heard of Perry Rhodan, even though it is the longest (and best) long-running science-fiction series in the world. (More than 150 books currently I believe lol)

In my humble opinion, Layers of Stardust is shaping out to be more profound than all the other science-fiction FVNs when it comes to story density. Although, Distant Travels is definetly very good in terms of dialogue and being thought provoking with it's psychological/philosophical questions. 

From what I have seen it's glaringly obvious, this won't be the last time I will update the game ;)

But I can't help but wonder, the updates don't seem to be very long to my regrets... (public version only?) Anyway, every new, public update is highly appreciated no matter how little. Tysm <3

I really don't understand why this game doesn't get more recognition than it does. This and many more. I am not trying to sound condescending, but I am questioning the taste of this community's members.


Hey there! Thank you so much for your very warm and kind words, they really really mean a lot to me. 

First of all, I'm very sorry for lack of longer updates... That's my fault as I have suffered from mental health issues and it's been a slow recovery for me. Unfortunately because I'm a stubborn mule, I have ignored them for too long and I had to start taking antidepressants. But I'm happy to say I'm getting much better, I started again working on artwork, writing and game elements. And because I would like for the next update to be very chunky I thought I'll approach it slowly, taking the time for myself, and on the other hand working on each element slowly.

In terms of the VN itselyi grew up on old fashioned SF reading it in heaps, and I wanted for each route to be an epic journey thats not just about romance and furry dicks but about people, their stories, their turmoil against greater odds. I do realize the game is not perfect, my SF storytelling has been always inspired by Dune which is very heavy, and I can imagine for some people it may be too much and for others not enough.

But yeah, the VN is in development, it's going to consist of 3 completely separate stellar and interstellar journeys. 

(1 edit)

As someone who also suffers or suffered from depression every now and again, I can totally relate to what it does to you, and why nothing is really working in these times. But I'm so glad to hear you are getting better. What helped me is being around new people after a long time and having a serious goal in life.

Please make sure you don't take too many pills, if possible. When I was younger I had to take Methylphenidate (Medikinet / Ritalin – not sure about the English names) because of ADHD, it finally became clear, after years, the side effects outweighed the provided help. However, this is for you to decide, so in case it works out, then take them, at least for a while. I know every body reacts differently to different types of 'medicine'.

Of course I've heard of Dune – although I didn't watch the new movie – one of the most famous science-fiction series.

The way you make it sound is like your game sucks. Quite frankly that's not the case at all, so try not to put yourself down so much. Although I do admire your humbleness. No matter how perfect something is objectively, few people here and there will always dislike it against all odds, because there are and will never be two of the same mind, even if the internet can be called a swarm intelligence made of two opposites.

Perry Rhodan is in short about the rise of humanity to become a (multi) universal acknowledged power, the evolution / ascension of intelligent life in the universe, technology like the 5th dimensional "Transform Cannon" or "Sun Transmitter" – teleporters made of suns or "Absolute Movement" (highest form of transportation) as well as order vs chaos instead of good vs evil.

Personally I approve of discussions about heavy topics and I approve of romance and, well, furry dick :p

All I can say is you pretty much nailed everything so far. It would be incredibly sad if this game had to be abandoned. Though do never push yourself too hard for your project and your audience.

Get better soon, but be cautious of how much and what you take. Unfortunately not even doctors or psychologists know what is best for oneself sometimes... Surround yourself with people who care and don't let depression triumph! Good luck)

Update soon?


Yes! Please be patient with me

Please don't take this the wrong way but, is this VN still alive?

Hi, just wanted to follow up to clarify that I'm not meaning to sound impatient or demanding for the next update.  I genuinely just want to know if this VN is still active before I get invested 


Yes the vn is still alive.


Thank you, I really enjoyed this VN so far and I look forward to supporting you as much as I can 


we have a lovely and welcoming Discord channel that you can join if you want


Great writing and lovely art! :) <3


This VN is really something else, I enjoy every second playing it, thank u 

Magnus marry me


No, thank you for your kind words.


hey will their be a Allen rout?


Unfortunately not... and thats story related and i can't reveal why :)

Bruh he's gonna die rip

Nah, he's probably just gonna get lost with a Harem of sexy aliens...I mean, who could begrudge it to him? *sigh*

I'd wish for a development where they end up as Lovers united by the Main-Char 😏 🤤 - even the hot-headed Dragon-Prince.

But: one can only dream...but I love the VN so far, too❣️


Amazing VN, good writing, good art, the dialogs feel natural, very well done. 

Ps: Sorry for my bad english ;-;


thank you very much ❤️

Wait is this Vn nsfw ?


it's going to have its moments

Loved this hidden pearl and can't wait for the next update! Too bad i can't talk about it because the discord server is private and i can't become a patreon supporter because i'm broke 😅

It says the Twitter doesn't exist.


let me fix that



Thank you. :) 


I don't know how this one had fly under my radar for so long, but now I'm here for it. And prince tiger-hot, you are my victim number one!

Jokes aside, I really love how sensible the game is. And veridian is now my favorite interdimensional being

im already having problems. everything is missing and i just extracted everything

HI there, not sure what I am looking at?

its the log file, its saying items are missing so the game closes after 

Will there be an Android version?

yes, eventually

One of the best sci-fi furry visual novel in my opinion!
writing/conversation felt natural and alive,  beautiful background art and worldbuilding.
cant wait for the next update :p
*throws 5 star*